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Corporate Gifts

Gogo understands the nature of business relations and how gifts are intimately intertwined. The difference with a Gogo gift is the unique story behind the piece of jewelry, from the way it was discovered to the way it was transformed. It captures the moment and the imagination. It communicates a primal understanding and adds gravitas to the gift and to the way it is given.

Gogo has been honored to have her jewelry gifted to the committee and dignitaries of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Her work was chosen because it is so evocative of the natural forms and flow of the Southern U.S., and because it conveyed a message of universal beauty and unity.

Her pieces have been presented to influential members of the Young Presidents Organization, and in 2004, leaders at the G8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia were given unique cufflinks cast from a piece of alligator spine called a scute. Their wives were given starfish necklaces, the gifts spoke of power, fluidity and infinite possibilities.

The luxury Ritz Carlton located on Amelia Island, Florida and the Sea Island Cloister Hotels in Georgia continue to place special orders with Gogo to the delight of their business groups. A Gogo original is imbued with timeless elegance and such a deep connection to the region’s wild beauty that it becomes a treasured reminder of time well spent and invaluable business relationships.

How a Gogo business account can work for your company

We offer:

  • A wide range of entirely unique and distinctive gifts suitable for business use, many offered exclusively to our business account holders

  • A 15% Gogo discount¬†privilege

  • In-house engraving and the personal attention of a dedicated gift consultant

  • A way to make a distinctive gesture that can breathe new life and energy into your organization’s spirit and mission



These striking shark vertebrae cufflinks in sterling silver convey the powerful agressive nature of the animal and lend gravitas to the way a gift is recieved.


The incredible duck skull bolo tie is always a hit with hunting groups and wildlife enthusiasts