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Special Orders

For over twenty-five years, Gogo’s unique, custom designs have been gifts to the elite of the world. Perhaps the best known example is the distinctive wedding rings cast from rattlesnake ribs for JFK, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette, when Gogo hosted their nuptials on Cumberland Island, GA in 1997.

Gogo knows that working closely with a client to create a life-long treasure is a unique and sensitive process. Wedding or anniversary rings can be an inspiring piece that, every day, will evoke the magical nature of love and an enduring union. Other gifts of wearable art can make an unforgettable statement that’s forever linked to a cherished memory.

The special order process starts with in-depth conversations to capture each client’s individual wishes and needs, along with the spirit, energy and aesthetics of who’ll be receiving the gift.

Shapes, forms, colors, patterns and rhythms then speak to the artists, who draw from the natural inspirations on Cumberland Island, as well as those found during their travels: delicate sea urchins from Maine, seed pods from Mexico, bird skulls from Martha’s Vineyard, and other wonders from Istanbul, Morocco, Spain and beyond.

The design options presented incorporate specific requests down to the smallest detail, and also the kind of unspoken subtleties Gogo and Hannah are able to instinctively pick up after years of working hands-on with clients. The challenge of creating custom pieces in this manner is one that the artists embrace. And at the same time, they are careful not to overpower the purity of their inspiration: a creature or piece of nature that is perfect and unique in itself.

Metals including sterling silver and 14k or 24K gold can be used, along with an array of precious stones and beads: diamonds, rubies, topaz, garnets, amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline, baroque pearls, agate and more. Gogo works closely with top registered gemologists to offer only the best, ethically sourced stones.

In creating one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry, Gogo prides herself on going above and beyond. All special orders come with an assurance of quality.

The entire special order process usually takes two months, and prices vary. Variations of existing Gogo designs – substituting metals, stones or converting forms (making earrings into pendants, for example) – can also be arranged.

In addition, Gogo has recently begun to offer original fine art sculpture and items for the home including ottomans, candlesticks and napkin rings, such as those displayed in Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

For more information or to speak with a dedicated gift consultant please contact us or chat real time with an assitant below.


Gogo’s iconic single rattlesnake rib engagement ring inset with a Carnegie heirloom diamond.


The unique sea urchin ottoman created especially for the High Museum Of Atlanta exhibit; Gogo – Nature Transformed.