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As far as Gogo is concerned, regular morning, afternoon and evening beach walks along the shoreline or hiking through the wilderness are the beginnings of the creative process around which everything else revolves.

Nature has perfected her designs over millions of years and the only improvement Gogo can make is to transform and cast them into wearable art. Wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry perfectly cast from the spirit of an animal bone or an ancient shell is that reconnection with nature Gogo is deeply passionate about communicating in their creations.

Once enough gifts have been recieved and gathered, educational and creative conversations turn into small sketches containing notes about precious stones and casting materials. One very important factor in the design is that the entire piece of jewelry down to the band, strap, fixing or setting should be entirely natural and organic and therefore thoroughly Gogo. The reason being that it faithfully preserves and honors the soul of the creature or plant that inspired it.


The next step is to send the gifts along with sketches and notes to our fantastic lost wax caster. Huge importance is placed upon getting the details of the original replicated exactly.

Lost wax castings have been used for centuries, as none of the intricacies and character of the object are lost. The details from the natural forms that are used in the jewelry are completely preserved in this process, and the transformation from the wild to the finished product cast in gold, silver alpaca and tumbaga not only retains the integrity of its natural beauty, it takes it to a new level of adornment.

The methods used for Gogo jewelry vary a bit from those used for sculpture. A wax is obtained, either from injection into a rubber mold, or via a digital 3D scan. Occasionally, a custom-made wax might be molded in rubber first as insurance against the loss of the unique wax and related labor costs incurred in carving it.

After many days of labor our caster will have prepared the prototype mold and then the first prototype piece (the metal). The prototype is then inspected and altered according to Gogo’s wishes. Usually the prototype goes back and forth a few times to get the design and the fit just right. Every so often it’s perfect as it is and a friendly tussle ensues over who’s going to wear it out that night.

The prototype piece is then sent back to the casting company and all further pieces are cast from it. The finished pieces are then sent to the main store for final quality checks before going on sale.